About Todoeco

TodoEco is dedicated to finding the most effective, biologically-friendly products around the world and bringing them to Ecuador. Our mission is to assist commercial growers, livestock producers and fisheries produce more abundantly while reducing the need for harmful (and expensive) chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In this way we help provide consumers with a healthier and better life while working together with industry to achieve significantly greater production and profits. We also work with many industrial clients such as hotels, food and beverage manufacturers, office buildings, condominiums, municipalities, and others to reduce their operating costs, improve efficiency, and greatly enhance the quality of their water.

By helping consumers achieve a healthier and better life and working together with industry to achieve greater production and profits without resorting to harmful chemicals, we are dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to improving the condition of our planet.

Our team is made up of highly motivated and dedicated individuals who are committed to serving our customers with innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for all of us.



Jean-Claude Koven

Presidente / CEO

Gina Ambrosi

Directora Operativa

Jim Davidson

Director Financiero

Jacqueline Mackenzie

Internal Operations Manager

David Aguirre Burneo


Bayron Correa


Carlos Izurieta


Richard Fontes


Nancy Peregrinus