We are committed to improving

the quality of life of all living things

We provide advanced, biologically-friendly products to commercial agricultural and livestock producers, cut flowers, industry, commercial buildings and condominiums, hotels, as well as environmentally conscious people throughout Ecuador.

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Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units

Harnessing the Magical Properties of Water

The Todoeco/Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units consistently prove their effectiveness in enhancing health and productivity for plants, animals, soils, flowers, fish and the environment…for all livestock and every agricultural crop. They also have been shown to provide a return on investment unequalled by any other agricultural product on the market today.

These units are clearly among the most valuable water treatment and water conditioning tools available anywhere in the world – from the backyard to the greenhouse, from hotels to condominiums, to large-scale commercial applications.

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Condominiums and Commercial Buildings


Improve the Quality of Drinking Water While Significantly Reducing Maintenance Costs

The advanced technology built into every Todoeco/Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit, provides higher quality drinking water while greatly reducing building maintenance costs by eliminating scale buildup from water handling infrastructure.

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Private Homes and Small Gardens


The same benefits experienced by commercial growers and large apartment complexes are available to private home owners. Your plants, your pets, and your family will notice the difference within the first few days.

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Guaranteed Increase in Profits

Farmers all around the world report that the installation of the Todoeco/Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units have proven to be an unparalleled investment returning a minimum of twenty percent extra profits the very first year.     

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Livestock, Chickens, Fish, Shrimp, and Bees


Exceptional Benefits for a Wide Range of Animals

Thousands of installations from cattle, goats and sheep to chickens, fish, shrimp, and bees consistently demonstrate the value of structured water. Animals are larger, healthier, and come to market faster than before the Todoeco/Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit was installed.

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Test Results


Test results from thousands of installations all over the world confirm the value of Todoeco/Crystal Blue Water Structuring technology.
The data, as reported by leading universities and controlled, scientific tests by large commercial growers, tells you everything you need to know. From farms, plantations, ranches, and orchards to chicken, fish, and flower growers – all report exceptional increase in profits and quality.

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