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What you are about to see will reveal the direct correlation between the quality of the water you use and the profits you make every year. Until you actually experience this PERFECT PARTNERSHIP between science and nature for yourself, nothing you are about to learn will make sense to your rational mind.


Can anything this good really be true?
How is it possible that one small addition to the way I run my operation can have such a profound effect on my profits? You are about to find out answers to these questions and much, much more.



Before we get into all the important details you will need to know about this extraordinary technology, think about a few numbers in your own mind. Estimate of how much more money you would make each year if you were able to increase your crop yield by 20% – 30% while drastically reducing your need for water, fertilizer and pesticides (also by 20% – 30%).  

In other words, 20% – 30% more output with 20% – 30% savings in three critical cost areas.
And that’s only part of the story!


After nearly a century of tireless experimentation by scientists all over the world, one company was able to duplicate the miracle of nature in a way no others could match. The breakthrough technology built in TodoEco/Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unitssurpasses any similar device on the market today.



The very first agricultural unit was introduced into Ecuador in late 2017. The results more than validated the extraordinary data received from universities and large commercial producers all over the world. Now commercial buildings, municipalities, hotels, condominiums and private homes all over the world are getting the benefits of this advanced technology.


De-structured water molecules are re-structured. Ordered molecular patterns are created from chaos. Corrupted electromagnetic frequencies are transformed, and beneficial electromagnetic frequencies and environmental information are accumulated.”
              Jim Dooley, CEO Crystal Blue Enterprises – The developer of this life-changing technology



The highly integrated components built into each Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit work synergistically to transform ordinary “dead” water into a highly active, electrically charged “super liquid” that is enriched with an array of rare earth elements, crystalline minerals and nourishing nutrients.  The CBSW Units reduces the size of each water molecule to make it penetrate the soil more efficiently and become far more bioavailable to plant roots.


Power Rock™ is the main ingredient in a proprietary blend of materials found ONLY in Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units. It is one of the most elusive and important mineral substances on the planet, containing nearly all of the naturally-occurring mineral elements including extraordinarily high amounts of precious and semi-precious minerals, crystals, paramagnetics and semiconductors.



GDV Photography (gas-discharge visualization also known as Kirlian photography) measures the electrical coronal discharges or energy component of virtually any object or substance. It clearly demonstrates that ordinary well water passed through a TodoEco/Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unitshas considerably greater energetic force than rain water.


The large size of the typical water molecule makes it difficult to penetrate the ground (resulting in significant evaporation) and is far too large to be ready absorbed by plant roots. The dynamic synergistic action of TodoEco/Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unitsreduce the size of these molecules by 35% or more, greatly increasing the efficiency of delivering hydration and nutrients to your crops. You will need far less water and far less fertilizer to get better results than you have ever experienced before.



The central core of each Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit contains an array of precisely milled silica crystal spheres that create a spinning vortex that reenergizes water in much the same way nature does as water flows over rocks in a fast-moving stream.


Here you can begin to appreciate the complexity built into each Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit. Water passes through a pure copper inner tube that contains the crystal silica spheres. This is lodged in the center channel of two precisely milled, surgical steel cylinders, fused together under an incredible 26,000 pounds (11.800 kilos) of pressure that contain  the Power Rock™ and all the other highly charged mineral elements that combine to produce the piezoelectric charge and scalar fields which totally transform the quality of your water.



  • Reduces water consumption by 25% – 30%
  • Increases plant hydration and mineral uptake
  • Increases mineral uptake and nutrient density
  • Increases percolation rate and transpiration
  • Decreases evaporation and irrigation costs
  • Reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides
  • Increases growth rate with up to 50% higher yields


Many university and industry-sponsored studies have been completed. In every single case, the installation of a Crystal Blue Water Structuring unit increased crop and livestock production between 14% to 100%, with some cases yielding up to an incredible 236%.
With over 5,000 units already installed all around the world, never has one ever failed to deliver these dramatic results!



The TodoEco/Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unitswill not only significantly increase the germination rate of seeds and accelerate the growth of cuttings, but your seedlings will be healthier with far more growth in plant size and root structure.


Superior results is the best evidence of a great agricultural program. The test fields above prove the effectiveness of water structuring. Results show an impressive average increase of 55 bushels per acre over the adjoining fields irrigated with normal water.



The TodoEco/Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unitshave consistently shown dramatic results for virtually every category of edible or ornamental horticulture. Although the certified test results have consistently validated the extraordinary increase in both yield and quality of crops, nothing can truly convince you until you can see it work for yourself.


Thousands of agricultural installations all over the world of have already proven the dramatic increases in yield and profitability from using TodoEco/Crystal Blue Structured Water. It has proven equally effective to increase the health, growth rate, size and quality of cows, sheep, pigs, chickens (including egg production) as well as the aquaculture farming of shrimp, tilapia, trout and other commercial fish. It even significantly enhances the productivity and quality of honey produced by bees. 



The technology is so revolutionary that even highly educated scientists have difficulty in following all of it. The only way to become convinced of how much extra money the CBSW systems can make for your business is to try it out for yourself.
That is why we will provide you with up to 1,000 gallons of structured water delivered to your commercial property without cost of obligation so your engineers can conduct their own tests. Simply CLICK BELOW to arrange an appointment.


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