Hydrogen + Water = Life


A More Detailed Overview of the Chemistry of Healthy Water (Structured) Water vs Alkaline (Hydrogen-Deficient and Unstructured) Water

 - by Jim Dooley


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If you have not done so already, I would strongly suggest that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the earlier article entitled "Structured Water - What Is It", before delving into this more scientific explanation of what is really a very big subject.

 Also, please note that the information being presented in this article will no doubt fly in the face of what many of you may mistakenly believe to be the absolute truth regarding the chemistry of water. But having said that, I do hope that you spend some time with an open mind considering the possibilities of what I am about to show to you while remembering my earlier assurances that water violates virtually all of the "laws" of western science.


We humans literally live in a world of water. We spend the first nine months of our existence on this planet submerged in a water-filled womb. The amazing miracle of a healthy, functioning human body is totally dependent on water.  Indeed, your own body is made up of more than 65% water (the brain is 90% water). The U.S. Government has distributed the following graphic for many years which illustrates the role of water in the human body. And yes, it is the same graphic that I used in the previous article. Glad you're paying attention...


Of course, all other life forms on planet earth are likewise dependent on water to flourish and survive. This is self-evident. Unfortunately, people often take pure water for granted. Few understand the basic ABC’s of water chemistry. Additionally, there is a plethora of pseudoscience and outright falsehoods concerning water chemistry and its role in providing proper HYDRATION at the cellular level now falsely being promoted as fact. This article will address the correct principles of optimum drinking water chemistry (and by association, plant nutrient absorption), and hopefully provide clarity to this most vital topic.

While extremely complex, water chemistry can be best understood if we look at it simply. It is all about optimum cellular HYDRATION. The root of the term "hydration" comes from the name of the all-important cellular building block known as Hydrogen, the description of which I provided in the previous article. Water can hold measurable quantities of available negatively-charged Hydrogen (that's VERY important), and those amounts can be easily calculated using what is known as the pH scale which measures the percentage (or parts per million) of available Hydrogen. Below is a picture of the pH scale showing the pH of common substances.


As you can see, the scale ranges from 0 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline), with pure water being 7, or neutral. The more acidic the substance, the more Hydrogen (or Hydronium ion; H+) it contains. The more alkaline the substance, the more OH- (or Hydroxyl Radical) it contains. The H+ Hydronium ion carries a negative electrical charge and the OH- Hydroxyl Radical carries a positive charge. Simple...
So, the more acidic the substance, the more Hydrogen (or Hydronium ion; H+) it contains. The more alkaline the substance, the more OH- (or Hydroxyl Radical) it contains. The H+ Hydronium ion carries a negative electrical charge and the OH- Hydroxyl Radical carries a positive charge.

Just so you know, all energy in the universe (which includes the energy in your own body), comes from Hydrogen, which comprises over 97% of all of the matter in the universe! So, what do I mean when I say that Hydrogen is responsible for the production of all energy? Simple really, all you need to do is go outside on a clear day and look up to see that big ball of fire in the sky that we all know as the Sun. Can you feel its heat? Do you appreciate its light? It all comes from, you guessed it - Hydrogen...




Understanding the Problem

There are many self-proclaimed "Health Gurus" out there today all touting "Alkaline (or Hydrogen- Deficient) Water" as the cure all for everything that ails you. But before getting into that argument, let's first take an objective look at the subject of water itself.

It is a well-established fact that you will die if you go without drinking water for as little as 100 hours (if the ambient temperature is a constant 72 degrees F.) As the temperature increases, the hours to death decrease in a direct linear relationship to the increase in temperature. First, the kidney cells begin to decompose and renal failure begins. As the body is unable to provide oxygen to the cells, toxins quickly accumulate and the heart soon goes into cardiac arrest and stops beating. The body dies.

What is often overlooked when discussing proper water consumption and hydration, however, is what happens when ocean water or alcohol is consumed in lieu of fresh water. Kidney failure can occur in as little as 72 hours when one is adrift on a life raft and ocean water or alcohol is consumed in order to relieve the thirst sensation. When one understands the chemistry of cellular hydration and pure water, this will explain why the TYPE of water one consumes (and even places on crops) is critically important.

Water purity is quantified by the term "Totally Dissolved Solids" (TDS), which in turn is typically described as "Parts Per Million" (ppm).  Typically, “fresh” water has a measurement of 0-1000 ppm   of TDS. “Brackish” water is 1,000-15,000 ppm. "Ocean" water measures 30,000 to 40,000 ppm TDS. So why is it that ocean water will not effectively hydrate your cells when you drink it? After all, it is water, isn’t it?  It’s wet  and often  cool  and fish live in it, right?  Why then,  will it cause quicker dehydration and renal failure than if you were drinking no fresh water at all? The answer to this question lies in the lack of negatively charged H+ ions in ocean water - which ions are the foundation of cellular "HYDRATION."

OK, yes, in regard to my above assertion pertaining to the ionic charges of the H+ and OH-, I am fully aware that many of you have been falsely led to believe that the symbol H+ actually connotes a Hydrogen proton that is missing its valence electron which would cause it to carry a positive electrical charge. But that is not true. Actually, the H+ is describing a stable ion of Hydrogen which developed electrical polarity due to the static electrical charges found throughout all of nature (see Structured Water - What Is It? Part 1," for a better explanation of polar charges). These static charges (electrons) build up on the Hydrogen atom causing it to develop a polar electrical charge. The negative polarity then causes the H+ ion to loosely bond with the water molecule to form what is known as the Hydronium ion (H3O), which is the form that the H+ is packaged in when it is delivered to the cell.

The OH- (Hydroxyl Free Radical), on the other hand, because it is deficient one electron, becomes positively charged.

Therefore, the H+ (H3O) species is definitely negative in electrical charge whereas the OH- (Hydroxyl Radical) carries a positive electrical charge that is created because of the higher TDS readings in alkaline water. The higher levels of Totally Dissolved Solids create the OH- (Hydroxyl Radical) because the dissolved solids steal the electrons from the water molecule.

BTW, I do not wish to infer that high TDS water cannot be electrically improved with proper water structuring technologies, albeit, it can never rise to the electrical vitality of pure water. But that being said, we have seen substantial improvements in crop production with the use of high TDS water that has first been treated with our proprietary Crystal Blue technologies.


           Now Let's Discuss

    “Oxidants" and "Antioxidants"


We've all heard the terms "Oxidants" and "Antioxidants", but do you know what they mean? Here is a simple explanation:

An Oxidant is any substance that steals electrons from somewhere else. If it steals the electron from a living cell, the cell can be permanently damaged, or even die. A good example of a common Oxidant would be chlorine laundry bleach (which is injected directly into our water supplies to sterilize the water as part of the process of "making our water safe to drink"). In the same way that the bleach obliterates the germs in the water by stealing their electrons, it likewise steals electrons from the blueberry stain on your favourite shirt which causes the stain to simply disappear. Like the bleach (which is VERY alkaline), the Hydroxyl Free Radical (OH-) is also a powerful Oxidant, similar in its harmful effects to bleach because like the bleach, the Hydroxyl Radical is also missing one electron which makes it very hungry to steal one from somewhere else.

Note: It is precisely because the OH- (Hydroxyl Radical) is deficient in one electron that makes it so very dangerous to your health, as I will explain in more detail later in this article.

Important: Much is today being written and spoken about concerning the beneficial effects of dietary "anti-oxidants," and with good reason. They are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for the reasons cited below:

An Antioxidant is any substance that donates electrons to another substance. A well-known example of an Antioxidant would be Vitamin E. The membranes that make up all of your 70 trillion plus cells are composed of electrons. The reason that Vitamin E protects you from heart disease and cancer (among many other disease states), is because it protects  your cells from losing their precious electrons to various Oxidants, both in your environment (like the chlorine in water), or in your own body.

But far stronger even than Vitamin E is the negatively-charged H+ ion. In fact, it is considered by many researchers to be one of the strongest Antioxidants known!

So, to be absolutely clear about just how dangerous the Hydroxyl Radical is to your body, here is the definition of its destructive effects directly from Wikipedia.

"Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive and undergo chemical reactions that make them short- lived. When biological systems are exposed to hydroxyl radicals, they can cause damage to cells, including those in humans, where they react with DNA, lipids, and proteins."

Did you catch that? Damage to cells? DNA? Lipids (fats)? Proteins? So how can consuming a glassful of Hydroxyl Free Radicals that has essentially the same damaging effects as drinking diluted laundry bleach possibly be good for you?

Well, that is exactly what you are doing when you drink "Alkaline (Hydrogen-Deficient) Water"!

OK, now that I have your undivided attention, many "Health Gurus" and slick marketing companies are today enthusiastically proclaiming the almost miraculous (but totally misleading and unfounded) effects of "Alkaline Water" as being the reason for the complete reversal of many serious disease states, including heart disease and cancer, among many others.

Now I realize that what I just said will probably disturb many of you who have been misled through clever marketing into believing that the body responds best with "high alkaline water", and that some of you are even involved in marketing products that purport to produce this "superior water", which is always touted as having received the reported endorsements and blessings of various governmental agencies and professional medical associations. Problem is - none of it is true. None of it.

If you don't believe me, then try asking yourself this simple and very common sense question: Where in all the world do you find nature producing fresh drinking water by ripping apart the perfect geometric symmetry of the water molecule and throwing the beneficial half of it away (the electrically-charged H+ or Hydrononium ion) while at the same time leaving behind only the highly destructive OH- (Hydroxyl Radical) for you to drink...or to give to your children? And if it is true that nature throws away the electrically-charged Hydronium ion, leaving only the uncharged Hydroxyl Radical, then how does nature create snowflakes that require electricity (electrons) for their formation?

Gobi Desert

And why are any of those people drinking this manufactured (tortured) water so sick - and getting sicker by the day? And why are many areas in the western and south western U.S., Gobi Desert, Middle East, etc. where the soil is known to be highly alkaline, is there hardly any vegetation growing and what does manage to grow is usually scraggly, sickly and anything but verdant? The insects might eat it, but darn few animals will. In addition, many of the alkaline water springs, lakes and streams in those areas are well known to be completely unfit to drink precisely because of their high alkalinity!

Mount Roroaima

Now compare those toxic waters with the pristine water of Mount Roroaima that is located deep within the high elevation plateaus of Venezuela. You can see more about Mount Roroaima's miraculous waters on the video "Water - The Great Mystery", that I included in Part One of the previous article entitled "Structured Water - What Is It?". Its water is renowned to be the finest and purest water on the planet, providing over 30,000 times the electrical energy of the water coming out of your tap!

BTW, it is also acidic. Think about it...

So how much more "evidence" do you need?

OK, still don't believe me? Well following is a short video that you really need to see. But before tuning in, please take note that I disagree with James Sloane about his claim of "mineral water" being a valuable source


of dietary minerals. Indeed, you receive more minerals in one stalk of celery than you would receive by drinking one whole gallon of the most mineral-rich (1000 ppm) water you can find. So, would you consider one stalk of celery as being adequate to meet your daily mineral requirements? No, of course not.

You see, your dietary mineral needs can only be met by a widely varied diet consisting of wholesome, mineral-rich and naturally grown foods and super foods which can also be supplemented with a natural, frequency-enhanced ionic mineral formulation that we will soon be offering as well.


To clarify, the OH- (Hydroxyl Group) is chemically known as a dangerous free radical that robs the cells of life-giving, electrically-charged  H+  (“Hydronium”  ions), and that is precisely why you become dehydrated when you drink ocean water! It's because of its high amount of totally dissolved solids that give rise to   the electrically deficient (hence VERY DANGEROUS) OH-.

Ditto with alcoholic beverages! Take a look at the chemical formula of ethyl (drinking) alcohol: CH3CH20H. Forgetting the first part of the formula for now, did you notice the OH group connected on the end of the molecule? Yep, it is the very same Hydroxyl Radical that I spoke about earlier...the very same Hydroxyl Radical that is known to cause cellular damage because it is such a powerful "Oxidant", meaning that it steals electrons.

The "alcohol hangover" is really nothing more than your precious brain (which is electrical) having been robbed of its essential, life-giving electrons because the Hydroxyl Radical literally steals the brain's electrons. That loss of electrons, in turn, leads to brain inflammation and swelling which then leads to a screaming next-morning headache. Hence the reason that drinking alcohol in large amounts kills brain cells while at the same time serving to electrically short circuit your body's nervous system, something that we can all easily identify as being, well - "drunk"!

BTW, keep it up long enough and you'll damage yourself beyond repair. Or kill yourself...


Here Is Another Reason to Not Drink Alkaline (Hydrogen-Deficient) Water!

In addition to what James Sloane and I have laid out to you regarding the very serious and potentially devastating long-term effects of consuming "Alkaline (Hydrogen-Deficient) Water," there is another equally harmful effect that I will now discuss.

Could it be that many chronically ill people are simply chronically dehydrated? Is it possible that chronic dehydration is the root cause of the majority of debilitating disease states absent any acute injury event? Moreover, is it possible that the water you are drinking is actually not adequately hydrating your cells, (even though you drink a lot of it), and is in reality slowly dehydrating you? Will it shock you when I tell you the answers are YES, YES, and YES?

The "Alkaline Water" crowd will all tell you that you need to "alkalize" your entire body if you wish to achieve superior health. So let's begin by taking another look at the facts to see if that is true.

Look again at the U.S. Government’s 1962 brochure on water entitled “What Does Water Do for You?” Let’s briefly examine each point in greater detail.

  1. “Needed by the brain to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters”. Negatively charged hydrogen ions (as stated above, H+ is actually “negatively charged” because in properly structured water it is an electron donor due to water's most unique design), are the basic building blocks of all ACIDS - including amino acids and DNA chai Without amino acids, hormones and neurotransmitters can never be produced and/or repaired. Moreover, without an abundance of negatively charged H+ ions, the brain is much more susceptible to concussions and trauma damage.
  2. Forms saliva (digestion). Yes, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The proper H+ dense drinking water also keeps the hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach from becoming buffered (or too alkaline). If the pH of the hydrochloric acid rises above 4 on the pH scale, the proteins are not broken down correctly and a plethora of health “problems” such as diverticulitis, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic indigestion, etc, are the inevitable result due to the proteins literally rotting inside of you, instead of being properly
  3. Keeps your body's mucosal membranes moist. This is critical for healthy immune function and   in lowering the risk of colds and flus, as well as seasonal
  4. Regulates body temperature (sweating and respiration). Did you know that pure water is the prime catalyst in many complex chemical reactions at the cellular level? As a matter of fact, the most important physiological activity of a cell is actually an acid-producing process. Carbohydrate substances are broken down into carbon dioxide and carbonic acid:  C(H2O)n +  O2 → H2CO3 → CO2 + H2 Here is a critical truth to understand: the ingestion of "acidic" foods and liquids actually make the body more “alkaline”. This comes about because the weak organic acids in such substances are partly in the form of sodium or potassium salts (aka - electrolytes). In order to maintain charge balance, some of the CO2 produced by normal metabolism of these food and liquid acids must be converted into bicarbonate (that is, M+ HCO3–), which is a weak base (alkaline).
  5. It allows body cells to grow, reproduce and survive. Without adequate H+ ions via proper hydration, cellular DNA is more apt to mutate and form various
  6. Acts as a shock absorber to brain and spinal cord. Simply put, a correctly hydrated brain and spinal cord is much healthier and much less prone to injury and chronic
  7. Flushes body waste, mainly in urine. The body’s amazing lymph system is also extremely dependent on proper hydration in order to transport cellular waste to the kidneys and then the urine.
  8. Converts food to components needed for survival - digestion. Without adequate H+ ions, the stomach acid becomes buffered and alkaline which in turn disrupts the healthy digestion of proteins.
  9. When H+ is scarce, the cellular production of Adenisone TriPhosphate (ATP - the cell's energy molecule) is also limited. Without ATP, cells become stressed and lose their energy. When that happens, the entire body becomes depressed and loses its vital energy as
  10. Lubricates This is even more critical as people age and enter into their “golden years.”
  11. Water is the basic component of most body Especially the brain.
  12. Water helps deliver oxygen all over the Once again, without oxygen, you die.

Contrary to the what the Alkaline Water crowd is saying, and as you have just read above in addition to what you learned earlier from James Sloane, your body was designed to be in perfect balance between both alkaline and ACID.

The pH of your mouth can vary from slightly acid to noticeably alkaline depending on what food you are eating at the time. It is constantly adjusting itself. This range of pH is necessary to break down the carbohydrates you eat.

Your stomach is as acidic as a car battery because  the  acid  is  needed  to  break  down  the  proteins necessary for life. The acid is HYDROchloric acid. Did you catch that? HYDRO, or HYDROGEN folks. And where does the HYDROGEN come from to make the HYDROchloric acid? HYDROGEN-rich water!

The Hydrochloric acid is then neutralized by the bicarbonates your body produces from its stores of minerals to protect you from the acid when it enters the small intestine.

To those of you who do recognize the cause and the seriousness of the problem of poor digestion, I suggest that you first place your clients and patients on HYDROGEN-rich water, which has already been shown in many cases to correct the problem all by itself.


It is a well-known medical fact that the amount of Hydrochloric acid we produce declines with age. It is also well known that as we age, we also tend to drink less water and that our bodies contain less water.

Many holistic health consultants and practitioners, in recognition of the problem of reduced stomach acid, recommend that their older clients and patients begin using Hydrochloric acid supplements (unlike standard medical

practitioners who have, for the most part, refused to even address the real issue. Or worse yet, they prescribe stomach antacids to reduce the gas that is always produced by the lack of stomach acid which invariably leads to poor digestion, hence - fermentation - NOT DIGESTION). Totally backwards!

To those of you who do recognize the cause and the seriousness of the problem of poor digestion, I suggest that you first place your clients and patients on HYDROGEN-rich water, which has already been shown in many cases to correct the problem all by itself.

So, let's take a look at what happens to the food you eat. As stated above, the carbohydrates are pretty much broken down in your mouth, providing you chewed your food well. But the proteins are not broken down in your mouth. The digestion of proteins happens only in the stomach and only in the presence of the very strong acids produced there. So, let's say that you are drinking Alkaline (Hydrogen-Deficient) Water. What happens when that water comes into contact with the necessary acids of your stomach? Well, just like any over-the-counter antacid, the water will neutralize the acid as well - a VERY bad thing...

Picture placing a fresh piece of steak in a tray containing some water and then tightly covering the tray and leaving it there for say three days at a room temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

What do you think you will find after the three days? Yep, a decaying, smelly piece of rotting meat that stinks up the whole place.

Now picture eating a piece of meat (or vegetable protein if you are a vegetarian - it matters not what type of protein it is for the purposes of this illustration), and picture what will happen to it while it is just sitting there in your warm, moist and dark, near-neutral pH stomach. Well, it too will rot, just like it did when it was sitting there for 3 days in your tray experiment. When foods rots, it ferments. When food ferments, it always produces gases, hence the nasty smell. In the case of protein fermentation, the gases created are carbon dioxide and methane. Both of them are very toxic to the cell.

Are you old enough to remember the "Running Revolution?" Hate to admit it, but I am. In addition to running for the presumed health benefits, let's face it, some of us were also running to achieve the elusive "Runners High." Seems that after running non-stop for about 20 miles or so, that you all of a sudden became enveloped by a feeling of complete euphoria bordering on a true opiate high, even though it wasn't an opiate high at all. Or so we thought...

In actuality, what your body was doing was producing a class of chemicals known as endorphins which serve to reduce the pain, inflammation and oxidative stress that you were bringing on yourself by pushing your body way too hard.

Endorphins ARE opiates and boy do they make you feel good...

So, what does this have to do with Alkaline Water? When the carbon dioxide and methane that are produced by digestive fermentation are taken up by the blood and delivered to the cells, the cells in turn, in an effort to protect themselves from the inflammation and oxidative stress brought on by the Alkaline Water, secrete huge amounts of opiate-based endorphins in an effort to protect themselves in the same way that they tried to protect themselves in the person running those insane numbers of miles. This is why the person consuming Alkaline Water feels really good initially. He or she is literally on a "DRUG HIGH." But like any drug high, it doesn't last forever. After some time, the body loses its ability to produce the large amount of endorphins necessary to protect itself from the oxidative stress which then leaves the whole body wide open for attack from the Hydroxyl Free Radical. This causes the inevitable breakdown of the cell which then leads to the catastrophic collapse of the entire system that can manifest in multiple different disease states, including heart disease and cancer.



The Solution

How then do you maximize the all-important negatively-charged H+ molecules in your own body? Well, the best way to do it is by drinking the right kind of electrically-charged water.

So, what is the best water for people, crops and animals?

Remember that acidic foods and liquids are incredibly important as catalysts in the production of ATP and other critical enzymes at the cellular level. Remember also that high TDS water typically measures over 8 on the pH scale. In other words, it is quite alkaline, hence deficient in electrical charge (H+). Remember what would happen to you if you were to drink ocean water? Well, keep in mind that sea water is an alkaline pH 8.1. Go ahead - look it up for yourself.

Now I am not here saying that 8.1 pH fresh water will kill you as quickly as if you had been drinking pure sea water. The reason the sea water is more dehydrating than the fresh pH 8.1 water is because of the higher salt content of the sea water. Extremely high levels of salt damage the kidneys causing them to deteriorate much more quickly than if you had been drinking the high pH fresh water. It is because of decreased (or absent) kidney function that the body is rendered unable to rid itself as quickly of the overload of Hydroxyl Free Radicals and other metabolic waste products which inevitably accelerates the breaking down of the body. But that is also not to say that the pH 8.1 fresh water will not get the job done (meaning dehydrating you), over time. It will simply take a little bit longer to do it, that's all...

Here then is critical water chemistry - the only time H2O actually manifests as PURE WATER is when the water is “balanced” at a reading of 7 on the pH scale of 0-14. Any water higher than 7 becomes a “base” which means that it exists as the damaging free radical OH-.

Keep in mind that each point higher on the pH scale means there are 100 times the number of positively-charged OH- (Hydroxyl Radicals) vs. negatively-charged H+ ions. So, if you happen to be drinking water that measures 8 on the pH scale, you may be placing your health and well-being in jeopardy over the long haul because you are consuming a tremendous amount of free radicals daily.

Conversely, the PURER the water becomes (as measured by the absence of totally dissolved solids), the lower the water registers on the pH scale because it contains so many beneficial negatively-charged Hydrogen ions. For instance, medical grade distilled or pollution-free rainwater (such as Mount Roroaima water) that has been “structured” (either by our technologies or by nature itself), often measures as low as 5.8 on the pH scale. In other words, there are train loads of usable H+ ions for the

cells to utilize which in turn benefits people, animals and crops - as every farmer knows. In fact, when pure water is freed of totally dissolved solids, it naturally drops below. 7 on the pH scale because it contains more Hydronium ions, or H3O.

So, what is actually meant by the term “Structured Water?" Simple, in addition to purity, water that has been allowed to tumble and flow over crystalline mineral objects such as rocks and boulders, or when it cascades over waterfalls (just like the inside of our Todoeco/Crystal Blue Structured Water Units), becomes extremely rich in “free electrons.” These free electrons then impart the familiar snowflake structure to the water that I spoke about in detail in the previous article.

But Wait! There's Even More!

One additional benefit conferred by the electrically-charged water is that the free electrons often escape the water into the atmosphere which simultaneously causes the free O2 oxygen molecules in the air to also become “negatively charged”. The healthful and stress-relieving effects of negatively-charged O2 are well documented, as are the stressful effects of positively- charged O2 (which is the O2 molecule that is lacking electrons in its outer shell). Electronic circuits such as computer screens, cell phones, televisions, automobile dashboards, etc., all result in the surrounding O2 molecules being stripped of electrons and thus becoming “positively-charged”. Conversely, falling or tumbling water provides a recharging of the O2 molecules you breathe in which results in feelings of relaxation and well-being. This explains why people are naturally attracted to such places as Niagara Falls (the honeymoon capital of America), sea shores, (waves are powerful O2 chargers), and pine forests (pine needles discharge large amounts of negatively charged O2 as well).

During the early 20th century, an Austrian naturalist named Victor Schauberger intensely studied and recorded the amazing things that pure stream water cascading from melting snows from the Alps did when it came in contact with specific “structures”, such as rocks and large boulders. Over the years, Schauberger became known as the “Water Wizard” because he was able to actually capture the electrons generated from “Structured Water” with many of his amazing inventions. The bottom line is that Schauberger simply quantified the almost inter-dimensional qualities of pure H+ rich water when it passes over a piezo-electrical rich crystalline mineral object (just like the inside of our Todoeco Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units). He showed that even highly polluted water can heal itself through the process of “structuring.” Indeed, he further proved that when extremely pure water was “structured,” and then made available to people, plants and animals, truly amazing and VERY beneficial results were seen. Furthermore, when certain specially prepared organic vegetable enzymes were introduced into the pure water before the water was “structured”, the beneficial effects were further magnified.

So, There You Have It

In conclusion, adding inorganic minerals such as magnesium or calcium salts to drinking water in a misguided attempt to increase the amount of H+ ions is completely contra-indicated and potentially harmful. Remember, when water reaches the 1,000+ TDS level, it becomes brackish and always registers as alkaline OH- (Hydroxyl Radical). We should never forget that we drink water NOT for its mineral content, but ENTIRELY for the all-important H+ ion which is the very root of the term HYDRATE. Our Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units have been independently tested and proven to change the H+ electron configuration of the water in a noticeable and very beneficial way. Ongoing testing of our CBE technologies on agricultural farms and ranches has resulted in impressively larger crop yields and other very positive effects on the environment as a whole, just as the “Water Wizard” Victor Shauberger theorized and conclusively proved over a century ago.


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